Cristalum Exterior


cristalum exterior

Cristalum Exterior

Shutters are one of the most architectural ways to treat any window. They are permanently attached to the outside of the window frame and either swing open or stack on the side of a window. Shutters can be one of the best ways to insulate a room, reduce outside noise, and provide privacy all while filtering the light.

Cristalum Shutters increase your view and ventilation while preventing bugs from entering. Cristalum has a long history in Europe, these louvered aluminum shutters are ideally suited to be incorporated into the design and style of the home. Exterior shutters allow you to relax and entertain outside with the comfort and convenience of indoor living.

Outdoor shading allows us to instantly create an enclosed area, shading you from the heat and sun. The advantage to exterior shutters is they also allow the homeowner to control the light direction and air flow with their movable aluminum louvers that can be powder coated in 14 colors or woodgrain finishes to compliment any design need.

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