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Total Window, Inc. is the ultimate destination for boutique, innovative, custom window furnishings. We educate our clients and use our expansive product knowledge to identify and solve light control and privacy issues in the home. No matter what your designing plans may be, Total Window has the answers you’re searching for. We handle all the technicalities so that you can focus on bringing your vision to life.

Favio Ramirez


Favio Ramirez has joined Total Window as our new Project Manager. Favio has enjoyed a 15 year career immersed in technology and management with the Best Buy Company since 1999. Holding several positions within the company, Favio Ramirez’s responsibilities began as a PC Services Manager where he received many awards from Best Buy for his outstanding achievements as a top performer.

His career grew to a new level as District Installations Manager and then to a Regional Management role, covering the US East Coast as the Commercial Systems Design & Project Manager for the Best Buy Geek Squad. During his last four years Favio served as a Regional Services Manager with the same Geek Squad division.

After 15 years in Tech, Favio decided to make a career change. He really wanted to move into a very different industry that would utilize his project management background and give him an opportunity to experience a totally different type of business environment. He leaped at the opportunity to join Total Window as Project Manager in early 2015 where he now manages the fulfillment of our client’s design project to ensure they are completed as ordered. Favio works with every aspect of our client’s projects, from order management, product procurement, to the management of client installations. He works closely with Total Window Staff and our Design clients to ensure a smooth Total Window experience for everyone. His background in team building comes into play when he interacts with the different departments in Total Window.

When asked about his impressions about this new industry and Total Window, Favio replied, “I look at things from our client’s perspective, by putting myself in our clients’ shoes; does our window treatment it fit the lifestyle, is it warm. I see that Total Window has to translate all of this into the window treatment we select and install. You can see well we accomplish this in Total Window’s clients; they are ecstatic and very happy after we have finished the installation. I hope to add to the value aspect of how our clients’ view Total Window, that we will always offer them the best available. Also part of that value is the level of service we provide. Our clients can always have peace of mind because they not only receive a quality installation; they know we will be there later if needed.”

Meticulous and Attentive To Detail

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