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Lafayette (Allure) Specialty

Allure shades, by Lafayette, transition natural light into the most complementary lighting for every situation, room and mood. Allure transitional shade offer an unending range of light control and viewing options to fit every need or desire. Completely closed, Allure shades create privacy and room darkening. Partially opened these shades offer light filtering capabilities, allowing in only the amount of light to enter that you desire, when transitioned to the open position Allure shades allow you to enjoy exceptional view through capability while filtering that harsh daylight. Allure Sundown harmoniously blends beauty with privacy.

“White glove delivery service”

Our white glove delivery service ensures that you don’t have to worry about assembling that King-sized sleigh bed you just bought, and helps to make the setup process a breeze. (Bonus: you don’t have to guilt your friends into helping you unload that new sofa.) There’s a better way to buy furniture. Let us show you how.