Track Systems Specialty


track systems specialty

Track Systems Specialty

Track Systems are exceedingly adaptable shades systems that fold and are used to cover and control the light and heat in non-vertical sloped and curved glass surfaces. Track systems are ideal treatment solutions for greenhouses, sloped windows, barrel-dome glass and skylights. The fabric, usually a solar fabric, folds over on itself as it is drawn away from the opening. Track systems fold rather than roll to create a stack that hangs to the side when opened. Structural battens allow the shade to cover the opening when closed, creating a modern architectural element. Track Systems can be operated manually or motorized to meet each projects specific needs.

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Our white glove delivery service ensures that you don’t have to worry about assembling that King-sized sleigh bed you just bought, and helps to make the setup process a breeze. (Bonus: you don’t have to guilt your friends into helping you unload that new sofa.) There’s a better way to buy furniture. Let us show you how.